22 days in E commerce


22 Days in E Commerce

As a seafarer and new to E commerce is quite a challenge. Especially if it is part time! What is it for me? Experience and learning something I never thought I could!

First Offense:
My FB shop had been blocked! My shop violated some prohibited products that it should not be included in there. As an obligation, I modified my Products stores sales channel and made sure that any prohibited products as stated in terms and condition should be tailored and not to be visible in FB channel. I appealed this matter to FB and it will take 2 days before i get their approval for reopening my shop. i am hopeful that i will get it back! I will tell you what will be the results.

Should I quit now?
No. I can still fix this, maybe a little bit longer but i can figure it out. Beside, I can still post thru my FB page Online G mall, Ad campaign is still even possible so I still have the chance to create a sales! The skyrocket sales? Yet still in my hope. Taking things slower does not mean I will be left behind..I need to move forward and keep on learning, finding the right marketing strategy to make this thing works and become more productive! I still have my job anyway. But the potential of success is likely when the time comes.

The first FB Ad Campaign
By the way I created and place my first product FB Ad campaign, It is the Selfie Stick. It is recommended and one of the mostly searched It wasn't the top search but it was my choice,first 12 hours it reach 12000 and 500 link clicks.. it will last for 7 days.. see you later on then...

Signing off Gmall

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