7 Days Ads results news

7 Days Ads results


Just completed my first test on FB Ads.

My test Ads results? It doesn't came out well but It's good to know how it went. CTR was high and made One purchased. It's still business as usual everything is a test.

This time I will try the google adwords Ads. I just completed the trial on clever, I upgraded my plan to premium. I will place a 10$ per day for 7 days and monitor the ads progress. Increase if necessary.

I removed one upsell and cross sell app to test how ads work without this popped up thing on top of my Online shop homepage. Free apps will continue to run as they should.

I also added Trust apps. I built trust for my new customers. I wanted them to feel safe and free to shop with ease. Having this trust app help my online shop verified.

So far after 3 months running an Online store as solopreneur. I learned so many things. It's a discovery that having an online shop to manage is not that easy as it told.

Focus on goal, Compete as much as you can. It's my 9th sale and my goal is to reach 25 before it reach the 4th months. More sales comes naturally. 

I will continue to feature Men's clothing collections. Sell online Genuine Leather products. I should learn to offer best buy and deals.

Additionally, The safety feature of Car DVR is very important to every car owners. Inline with Men's leather products, cars gadgets are my secondary online products to sell at Online Mall. 

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