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All For One Click Shop To Online GMall


Online GMall

It’s been two years since we are registered to this site as all for one click shop. If you’re reading this and you were a visitor of all for one click shop? This will serve as your notification that domain name had been changed to Online GMall. Online GMall is now our primary domain. Meanwhile, All For One Click Shop still configured as subdomain until further notice and or announcement. All traffic to the former domain are currently redirecting to Online GMall.

The main reason of this changes is to avoid confusion to all visitors between all for one click shop and Online GMall. One of our mistake was, Since we started the all fo one click shop domain, We created Online GMall Facebook page account and Facebook group also had been created not to mention as our account on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. All the domains registered to these Social Media accounts are redirecting traffic to all for one click shop.

To make the story short, Online GMall’s Facebook pages accounts, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts are now carrying the same Brand name: The Online GMall. What’s about Online GMall? It is an Internet retailer of Good quality Products Assortments. To see more our products collection online, Click HERE.

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