Black Friday Sale news

Black Friday Sale


Hot sale on Black Friday!

This is one of the most popular online shopping deals on discounts, Free shipping, and Free gifts. How can we compete on bigger online businesses if budget is limited?

Thinking of our business marketing strategies for the coming Black friday and Cyber Monday.

What will be our best products to offer online? How much margin can we offer to gain at least a profit after settlement of Ads on Social media?

I don't even know if this article is read or not before the Black Friday and Cyber monday or BFCM comes! Or maybe before any feedback is received thru the Web. 

I tested Google Adwords for almost a month and it seems nothing is working at all! Am i missing something on my shop? I don't see any mistakes on my products, maybe i just need to test more on Ads?

How I love to sell my genuine leather products! I felt great if someone I don't know personally had interest on my leather products. 

There are only two main products from my shop that I would like to share with. The leather products and the Car DVR. I have them personally, I just want it to share it with someone. Offer it online.

Now that BFCM is two months from now, I need them to see my offer. Writing this article may help but I am not so sure if customers will read it on time!

If someone might have the chance to see this.

Visit me at Your feedback will help our online shop to grow.

 Online GMall, @Gaguilor 

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