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Car DVR Camera



Do you really need one in your car? If you think road safety is your main concern. You might want to consider installing a CCTV in your car. This is recommended must have gadgets and accessories  to every car owners. The main feature is, it will assist facilitate investigation of minor accident that might happen sometimes on the road. 

This Car DVR recording has a wide angle range. Deisgn with automatic loop recording function. You have to make sure to configure it correctly through the DVR menu settings. By doing this, I would suggest to buy Micro Sd card of 16GB and format it from the DVR Menu itself before you install it and start recording.

“I have this type of DVR, and it works well for my Car. It is always on whenever my Car moves. It's been 2 years since I installed this Car DVR”. Check our DVR cameras at 

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