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The Head Up Display

Accessorize your car with car head up display now! Why do we need a car head up display? Head up and keep your eyes on the road it will save lives! If you’re driving on speed restricted highway and you’re only depending on the clusters information about your speed. It’s only a matter of seconds if the car in-front of you made a hard stop. It’s too late before you knew it. Bang!

What if you have a head up display installed right in-front of your eye without even looking down or away from the road? What’s the use of car head Up display? Car head up display projects your car ECU’s information directly on the car through reflection on the  windshield. It display the most useful information from the Car computer like your real time speed, revolution per minute or RPM, Battery voltage produce by car alternator, cooling water temperature and some audible and visual red alarm depends on your choice. You can select from the head up display unit the measurement of your preference like Kilometers to Miles, Fahrenheit to  Celsius and more.

Where is the connection of head up display? Head up display interface through OBDii or On Board Diagnostic ports. OBD2 port is located under the steering wheel or over the brake pedal. This computer link connector has 16 pins for the purpose of connection only to the car computer. Where can you buy a car head up display online? All for one click shop offer good quality head up display models. Check it at

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