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Car OBD2 Diagnostic Tools


OBD2 Diagnostic Tools

Now a days, Car models are now equipped with electronic control units that are more sophisticated than mechanically controlled cars. The data trouble are electronically transferred to a computer system by means of sensors. Over time sensors tends to fail. DTC stored in it can be extracted through diagnostic readers. Are you having difficulties in locating your car trouble? are you hesitant diagnosing your car due to high scanning cost? Don't let your MIL or Malfunction Indicator Lights also known Check Engine light lighted and disregard it for a long time. Use a reliable OBD2 diagnostic scanner now!

What is OBD2 Reader?

OBD2 Means 2nd generation On Board Diagnostic or Diagnostic Scanner / Reader. Through DLC or Data Link Connector. This tool Scans your ECU. It gives the driver or mechanic instant troubleshoot results through a code. This DTC reader adapts OBD2 or 2nd Generation OBD compliant vehicle mostly 1996 and above models.

Where do you locate your OBD2 ports?

Most OBD2 ports on cars are located under the dashboard near the steering wheel on the driver side. Take a look at underneath your dash and there, You will find a unique connector which is also known as DLC. It has 16 pins OBD2 ports. All information from the ECU can be read from there using the OBD2 or DTC reader. Make sure to verify it before buying from an auto shop or online.

Why do you need OBD2 Scanner?

If you own a car and you don’t want being fooled by someone. Be sure to have it at least. You are riding a very expensive car. You should have a good and reliable trouble code reader on board. Are you a DIY maintenance mechanic to your own car? Many of car owners as much as they can-do, one is they prevent high repair cost, and Scanning charges from automotive repair shop. Trouble in any car is always an expectation even for cars that are more than 3 year old. Having a ready and reliable OBD2 scanner will save you time. 

How to use the OBD2?

Its plug and play. Connect it to your OBD2 ports. Or follow the instruction manual provided along with the item. Remember the (KOEO) Key on Engine Off or (KOER) Key On Engine Running (Idle) rule of thumb.


Never run a car and monitor details on live data mode at the same time. This is a kind reminder for your own safety. If you need to monitor all the points for OBD2 monitoring data. Hire another driver and you monitor it alone. Online Gmall is on online shop that sell Car gadgets and accessories including ObD2 tools. Visit us here for more of our products online.

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