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Seat cover protector

Is this really necessary for our own car's seat cover? I would say yes! Why? When my car was brand new, Seat covers were flawless. Top of the line car models seat cover materials are made up of genuine leathers. 

Unfortunately, my mine was not 100% pure leathers. Some parts have PU leather. After all these years that i neglected to protect it. The PU leather peeled off. 

Same thing with fabric seat covers. It will accumulate dust over time. If you don't cover it with Genuine or PU leathers as featured, Your passenger as well as you as driver are protected.

Purchase seat cover protector.

My car seat cover protector picked up March 26 at local Philippine post office. I Ordered March 11 and was cleared by customs on March 20 2018. 

I paid 112 pesos at parcel department to release the item. Parcel can be claimed either by tracking number or by local post office notice for pick up. 

Logistics company tracking provides timely update information as accurately as possible. it’s only a matter of day after a local post office get in touch for pick up.

Does this seat cover fits in all car models?

Definitely yes! The seat cover size is universally designed to fit on most car models. You should protect your Pu leathers and fabric seat cover from dust and peeling. Preservation of stock interior is better than repair. 

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