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It's been a while since we featured the Tire compressor for car.
What's with this tool all about? Does it really serve an import ant role in our car? I would say yes! This tool is considered as one of the emergency tool you must have it at least in your car trunk.

The story why you should have a portable air compressor for your Car

We had a Family road trip for 14 hours drive. We made 2 stoppages. The last stoppage was completely bad! I woke up in the morning and saw my car tire was completely deflated! What if you aren't ready for that? Thanks to the tire air compressor I bought from an online shop 2 years ago. Although I waited this item for almost 40 days before it was delivered. With free shipping and discount saving I didn't mind waiting! 

My only intention was to have this tool what ever it cost! Leaving home for a road trip without this tool is absolutely not a good idea. It's quite funny but I tell you, I have all this in my Car! 1 Portable air compressor, 1 Tire gauge, Charging cable, Flash light LED, USB socket, A DVR, and a Head up display.

The reason why I am selling it online too is that I realized the necessity! For every Car owner who love road trips, This tool is highly recommended for you. What ever you think that is important you might need, take it. You may need and use it unexpectedly. Tire deflates faster when a car isn't moving than a car on the run.

There are 2 easy ways on how to check correct tire pressure. 1st install or buy a car with tire pressure monitoring system. 2nd, Buy a Tire pressure gauge either digital or analogue. Refer to the recommended tire pressure from the information located in driver side of the car door. A piece of rectangular label where tire pressure level informations should be maintained.

Follow strictly this recommendation and your tire thread life will last longer. Run an under pressure tire will cause the tire to wear on both corner side. Run it over inflated, wear is more in the middle. With proper car tire pressure, your tires wears evenly. Now, check your car tires and analyze its wear. Think of having this gadgets. "Your road safety will bring back you home safely". You're driving for so long without this.

You can wait for the next 30 days and have them all. Don't compromise your road safety. Visit us at If you have preferred brand and you can't find it online. Leave a comment below. BUY your Portable Air  Compressor HERE.

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