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DVR Rearview Camera

If you are looking for a recorder camera for additional safety features into your car, take a look at our online trending car gadgets at all for one click shop, The rear view dash camera. What’s all about the rear view dash camera? If CCTV,s are installed in a house for safety and recording purposes, The same thing as the DVR camera. It works once the car engine started until the engine is off. The DVR camera records all your trips by a loop recording function. It saves video in a SD card that can be erasable for continuous usage. 

The rear view dash camera comes in a box with a dual cameras for front view recording and backing up camera. If your car has already installed backing camera, You don’t need the dual camera. Instead, Get only the front camera that is designed to match in every cars rear view mirror for easy installation. There are many dash cameras online for the same recording purpose. I recommend the DVR camera type that can be installed in a rear view mirror. It’s easy to install and the most convenient place.

Why do we need to install a camera in our Car? 

Road accident can happen anytime. With DVR Camera installed and recording continuously, It helps and facilitate a road accident investigation. As a driver and your main focus is the car ahead of you and the cars that being overtaken. It is only a matter of time before you knew it. Since you have the recorder camera installed, Investigators easily retrieve what went wrong by simply getting all the video recorded from the DVR camera and use it as evidences.

DVR camera works with 12V power. Your own car power source would be enough to make the camera works. Check our car DVR collections at online Gmall car gadgets collections or visit us at We have good quality Car DVR Dash Camera online. We recommend to check our trending gadgets and accessories online.

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