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How, When and What?


The Passion on Leather Products.

How? How did I started selling leather products online? I think, it's the thing that I like most. It's always been about quality of the products that matters most regardless of its brand.

Imagine buying items that aren't pass to your taste? Are you going to be satisfied with your purchase?I think not at all! 

When? Until I realize and asked myself, how many people on earth have the same interests like mine or like yours? So, I decided my searched for  products that i am fond with!

Eversince, Leather belts, Bags and wallet are my favorite materials to search for. How about you? Are you fond with the same products materials too. 

What? What are your parameters? Is it Branded items or just the simple genuine leather products that almost the same quality.

I've been using Genuine Leather products since i have the capacity to purchase it. In fact, i still like to purchase them beacuse of its known quality and durability.

How about you? What are your taste in shopping leather belts, Bags, and Wallets? Does the brand name and logo matters?

Well if you have a thick pocket you can go ahead. But if your pocket is thin as mine, I'll go with the high quality and durable one! If you agree with me.

Try our products collections on Genuine leather products. You can give as gift on Black Friday. Sad to say that deivery time may vary depending on your location.

Does it matter? 2 months before the Black Friday is sufficient enough to receive your purchases on time.

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Visit us also at Where online shopping is now and the future. Shop and save every Friday weekly!

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  • Wow i love this shoulder bag for everyday used.i bought this a month ago and the product is genuine originally 100 % recommended for those who loves collecting leather shoulder bag .thank you sir for this nice and great product.


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