Is watch really necessary for everyone? news

Is watch really necessary for everyone?


How important is a watch for everyone?

Time controls everything, If you want to know the speed of your car, You need time to multiply by the distance you travelled. It takes time before you reach anywhere. We need time to estimate everything. We need time to meet a deadline.We need time to think of a good decision. To make our life and work easier, we need to manage our time. 

No matter how long or short will it takes, We depend on time. Watch or clocks gives information about time. See below the different types of watches for Men and Women. Digital watches, analogue watches, smartwatches, Cheap or expensive watches. Battery operated or Quartz, Automatic self winding and or manual winding watches. It all gives the same information we needed. TIME!

Time is so precious to waste it for nothing. That’s why almost everyone uses watch to know the time whenever they wanted. Every men and women have their own preferences in selecting their own watches.  First, precision, the brand comes next. Any Brand of watch you are wearing, Its all about time. Second, the type of watches.

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  1. Digital watches: Digital watches shows exact time of the hour, minutes and seconds in numerical values. Digital watches is readable at daytime and illuminates at night in just one press of a button from the watch itself to show the time whenever a wearer need to know it. As long as power source is sufficient to make the watch operates it will always give accurate  time information.
  1. Analogue Watches: Analogue watches is a little bit complicated, during the day it display better time information, while at darkest hour, It need additional light to read it. Some analogue watch manufacturers put on additional illumination but it won’t last long. It appears brighter when the wearer came from bright area but it vanish in the dark later on. There are only few watch maker who uses continuous watch illumination function. Traser and Carnival, These are the only brand of watches I know that uses tritium gas to illuminate hour indicator continuously during darkness. Tritium triggers light when surroundings darkened. Tritium gas illumination may last for 25 years before it deteriorate. This watch is perfect for those who work at night.
  1. Smartwatches:  Smart watches works like a digital watch. Some special function were added only for health monitoring. Smartwatches monitors wearers health, It collect important datas like heart rate, pulse rate, daily steps, blood pressure and more. It communicates wirelessly with smartphone through bluetooth or wifi connectivity. The only disadvantage of smartwatches is that, Its battery drains faster than any other watches. You need to recharge from time to time.
  1. Automatic watches:  Automatic watches is one of the most expensive watch for a time check. It’s self winding automatic watch. Glass are made of sapphire glass. Sapphire glasses are scratched resistance type that offers crystal clear time information overtime. For automatic watches, Wearers are required to wear continuously in order to obtain continuous winding operation. Once it reached the max reserve power it takes up to 24 to 52 hours before it’s stop winding. Wearer need to use it again before this time for continuous self winding.
  1. Quartz watches: Quartz watches are either analogue or digital watches. Quartz watches are operated only by battery or solar powered batteries. It works continuously until the battery cells reached its reserved power. Once the battery is drained wearer needs to replace the battery to continue its operation. For solar powered batteries, It needed sunlight to recharge the built in batteries. This is easily determine when the time start to become late or second hand stop winding. 

Digital LED Sports watches and military watches are all the same in general. It operates with battery, it varies only with some functionalities, lights colors and how was it made. All for one click shop offer different types of watches online. Mostly for men. Check their watches collections for men their website. Click the link

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