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Affiliate marketing is more powerful than you think! The question is? If you know how to use it. It’s not a thing like just posting a photo where a beautiful view of a place is in your background! Doing this is great! You don’t get anything from it but likes, shares and comments.

That’s how social media works now a days for some. You can post anytime and anywhere through your smartphone, post anything as much as you want long as you’re not violating against privacy policies, terms and condition of the social media platform that you’re registered in. (I.E. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all other (SM) Social Media Platforms in the internet). 

What if there are more ways of posting and at the same time the possibility to earn extra income? How is that? Be an Affiliate Marketer!

What do you need to become an Affiliate Marketer? 

-Blog Site (Website Is Optional unless you have one) 

-You need to be active at least in one social media account. (Facebook, FB Group, Instagram. and Twitter)

-You have at least one legitimate email address in google or yahoo.

-You have at least PayPal account. Anyways, PayPal registration requires on a later stage when your Affiliate Account start to earn from your first referral. Don’t worry, PayPal registration is easy. It won’t take 5 minutes of your time. Just follow the on screen instructions. And besides you can decide whether you save your credit card or not. 

Those list are more than enough to start with!

Have you ever heard of Affiliate Marketing before? If not yet and you don’t have any idea about this program, Take time to read more below.

Affiliate marketing is a program that enables you to earn commission from a certain percentage base on referrals.

Registration of membership requires you to be one of them. Once you’re a verified member of this program, you will be given automatically a unique link or URL to your affiliate account.

You’ll need to use this link along with all your social media posts.

You can monitor your active account once you’re registered into the program. All you need is to remember your user name and password you created. (Some could easily forget this important account details).

“I became an affiliate by just trying when I bought something useful in the internet.” 

I am citing an example my own experience. How do I start being an Affiliate. How my affiliate unique link is now earning commission from a reputable US based online store. 

The facts is, You should be getting that too if you know how? “Everything started with a try”.


Now you know the powerful secret on how to monetized your post? Interesting isn’t it? Posting is fun but if you’re paying data connectivity for it, Why don’t you try and make it as a profitable posts too? 

Discover your potentials. Register HERE (Click the link) And jump into registration form. 

Still don’t get it? We got you!

If you’re reading now this article. We are glad to introduce that Online GMall launched their first affiliate marketing program. GMall is in the process of expanding their team for individual to become active member who are ready to enter the world of e-commerce.

This will give you the chance to earn extra income online by simply promoting their products into your Accounts in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other reputable Social media platforms.

Remember, Affiliate marketing is not a skyrocket source of  income! Sorry!

Its only a referral program. You can help online stores gather traffic or website visitors through your posts with your unique link, If these traffic converted into a purchase, you earn from it!

That’s commission.

The most important is, You only get commission once a potential customer click on the link through your affiliate account and made a successful purchased. So basically, Your Affiliate account unique link is the key to your potential earnings.

Ask yourself, Did someone pay you when you post your newly acquired smartphone or new car into your facebook timeline? No! 

Let’s make a team!

  1. Are you interested now? Before you register, Come to think of this questions first. Do you think you can do it? Do you have the time to post? If Yes, Register HERE(You can click this link to guide you where to start) Registration requires legitimate email address, Real name. You may need that later when you start to earn. 
  2. Are you Registered? Now, search a similar type of products that you already have, Take a pictures with it. At least 3 photos will do, then post it. (Best picture is you’re holding and staring that similar type of product) Content and caption is the key to your post to become more successful. Tell your followers, relative and friends the benefits of this similar product to you and why do you recommend it for them. Search Online GMall Products collection HERE.
  3. Monitor your affiliate account dashboard, Check your email inbox regularly and login to your Online GMall Affiliate account continuously. Keep your account active by checking it daily. Wait for promotional announcement. Or save a photos from the product, upload it, post it and add a caption with your affiliate link. Monitor your affiliate dashboard and email inbox.

Don’t miss the chance to earn extra income online. Discover your potentials, Unleash your hidden talents into the world of Digital Marketing. 

“Experience is a lot far better than the advice of other who are self proclaimed experts” - It’s my thought :) 

Be an Online Affiliate Marketer! 

Registration is absolutely FREE! Register at at Online GMall Affiliate Program!

Good luck and have fun posting.

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