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Men's Shoulder Bags


The shoulder bag for Men

How important this shoulder bag for many men? If this bag made up of Genuine leathers. Most Men love pure cow skin leather materials. Black bags are always be a choice. Ideal for everyday use as the style is either for formal or casual.

Why men loves genuine leather bag?

Genuine leathers offer durability whoever made it. Whether made in the Us or in China? Who cares as long as the quality is good and isn't compromised! You can select from brown and black as these are the only colors available. When it comes to quality, leather products especially bag is always rated as top of the line.

Now a days, technology is getting more and more! If you have an Iphone or plus are you going to hold it in your pocket always? How about your power bank? your charging cables and Ipads? You need a bag to put on all these gadgets! How about if you're travelling all these stuffs with you? The Men crossbody bag is the solution. You can wear it across your body that hang on your neck and shoulder. That's easy! So why the hesitation of having a bag? every men and women needed this.

How to test authenticity of Genuine leather?

Click here to a video demonstration on how to test the leather. Pure Leathers don't melts when exposed to heat or fire. It shrink instead, further exposure may burnt and produce ash. Smoke smells like a burnt skin or feathers.

To maintain leather products

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