My Shop after Four months news

My Shop after Four months


Four months in e-commerce

It's been more than four months since I started my shop Online GMall (OLGM).

A month of drought of fast internet connection! All orders delivered. It's been a months since our last sale.

No activity in my shop, There no ads running in Adwords, Instagram and Facebook.

It is only Kit doing FB Fan updates through Messenger. Creating discount codes.

We send email marketing weekly. Occasional news Blogging about my shop. I don't even know if someone's really reading it or no one?

There is one thing that matters, I am learning a bit! It is good to know something outside of my specialty. The things that I had been doing it for the last 25 years!

This e-commerce learning takes time. It's all but test! I never diversify my marketing plan yet. Online business is a big market! A lot of competitors out there.

A very slow Wifi connection right now won't help me open my store. Not a chance!

My contract on this tour of duty has ended. I am just waiting my reliever to board.

After only a couple of weeks, I will be home finally. I will gonna spend Christmas with my family.

I am thinking what should I do with my shop when I get back home? I will spend four or five months with my family.

Online GMall (OLGM) is now a part of my daily task. At home, I need to find sometime to do something on it. 

Navigate on my shop at (AFOCS) or FB business page at Online Gmall. Check my Bio at Twitter and Instagram account.

George P. Aguilor
Owner of Online Gmall shop. An active sailor for 25 years. New to e-commerce.

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