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Car Emergency Portable Air Compressor (10 )

If car shouldn’t run without a tie wrench or a spare tire, It shouldn’t also run without  Portable Air Compressor. The size of a glass of water. A tool that all car owners must have in their trunks. It’s not only a normal tire inflator but it is also fitted with emergency light. It easily powered up by own Car battery 12V power source. It works on cigarette lighter socket or directly from the battery terminals. It include Crocodile clip for easy connection to terminals. Maximum pressure capacity is up to 35 Liters per minute or 140 psi. It can inflates Car flat tires in minutes. You don’t need to change your flat tires (pin hole) on the road anymore! Inflate instantly and find a car service shop to do the replacement. Buy your first heavy duty portable air compressor or click HERE for more details.

OBD2 Car Diagnostic Scan Tools (9)

Get to know the meaning of that check engine light right away! Every car owners should know some basic meaning of malfunction indicator light (MIL) whenever troubles is about to trigger. Diagnostic Scan Tool guides car owners on how to manage efficiently any unplanned maintenance due to wear of electronic sensors. Do It Yourself (DIY) car owners best choice Diagnostic Tool. Now a day, Modern cars are controlled and monitored by latest computer technology. When fault is detected, Some Car owner who owns diagnostic scan tool can easily determine what went wrong through OBD2 or DLC. Can you? OBD2 or On Board Diagnostic 2nd Generation ports is a unique port that consist 16 pins, It is often located on the driver’s seat under the steering wheel or right above the Car brake pedal. DLC stands for Data Link Connector is the only connection where Diagnostic Scan Tool communicates with Car (ECU) Engine Control Unit to interpret possible troubles. So, If you’re not sure what’s going on to your Car dashboard illuminated MIL, Get the latest and most reliable Diagnostic tool in the market today! Click HERE for more details. Delivery may take 9 to 19 days via DHL shipping. Free shipping

OBD2 Head Up Display - Windshield Display (11)

It’s not only a display for adds on beauty on Car interiors.  Car Head Up Display main feature os to displays important information relayed from Engine’s ECU (Engine Computer Unit or Engine Control Unit). These information includes Engine Revolution Per Minute (RPM), Battery Voltage reading, Real time speed in Kilometers or in Miles, A graphical Coolant Temperature in Degrees C or F. Once Head Up display unit is connected into a car OBD2 or On board diagnostic 2 ports, It will automatically display all stated above important information into the HUD. How does a HUD or Head Up Display works? The Hud projects a reflection on the windshield from the HUD unit. It can be easily configure using the specific user manual included in the package. It is plug and play, It turns ON when the Engine started and it automatically goes OFF when engine is Off. Click HERE to see more details and functions of Head Up Display.

Car Dash Camera | DVR Rear Camera | Road Trip Camera Recorder (6 Sold)

You don’t want to miss the latest DVR Camera don’t you? Drive with additional eyes on the road! See why most of our customers loves this Dash Cash Camera at All For One Click Shop. Almost everybody had fallen for the rear view mirror installation DVR Camera. They consider this Camera as one more safety feature rather than additional accessory. It continuously record your road trip anytime at anywhere. A DVR recorded footage can also help facilitate Car accidents investigation in case it happens in front of your car. Do you really need one? Ask yourself how can you explain when uneventful things happen in front of you while driving? Get the trending Car DVR Camera HERE before it’s finally gone!

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