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Carts abandoned

Abandoned carts, incomplete check out, or payment difficulty? How friendly is paypal express service for a new customers who want to buy online and complete their checkout. Its safe and fast to complete your checkout.

Online GMall only accept paypal express service for check out. Alternative payment still in the process in addition to Paypal.

Mens shoulder bag and belts are most viewed at online gmall. Air humidifier and purifier are in the next line. Its been added in the carts 8 times, 7 times on purifier but no sales. despite of the big discount offered! Latest best seller was the car humidifier.

Patience, as an online seller and a buyer too. It take sometime before a customer finally decided to commit to buy. Quality and durability is our main concern to achieve our goals.

Online Gmall needs customers honest feedback with regards to prices, suggested products in their mind to make them buy. its important to know their interest. 

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