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How to use PayPal as Payment Option at All for one click shop

All for one click shop use PayPal Express Checkout as payment method.
Here is a simple guide on how to use PayPal account for Online purchase at All for one click shop.
First simply register HERE to open PayPal account, if you have business, you can also register your company name. By registering to PayPal, You agreed to terms and condition of PayPal. Your data is saved under PayPal and not at all for one click shop. Data protection policy should be under PayPal data protection policies.
Follow the on screen instruction guide by filling in your personal details like real name, Address, numbers, email and more important details about you. You may use that later in case you issue a dispute against the merchant incase items were not shipped or being delivered.

Tips when shopping at all for one click shop using PayPal Express Checkout

PayPal is one of the most secured payment method when making online purchase. As an online shopper and now a merchant, I use PayPal as my primary payment option on every online transaction I made for more than a decade. I used it on Alibaba, Ebay, Lazada, and Amazon. You will be prompted by PayPal if you choose to save your credit card information or simply don’t save it after each successful transaction. If you’re a regular online shopper or buyer, saving a credit card information is also recommended action but if you’re not into regular online shopping, better not to save it after your confirm your order. Protect your credit card security code at all times. Do not share your credit card details to anyone. Use a credit card that have a very minimal credit limit. 

Know your rights and buyers protection. What is a dispute? Know when and why do you need to  you open a dispute for refund using PayPal?

Example: You just made an online purchase at all for one click shop using paypal payment method either through saved credit card or guest check out. PayPal automatically create a unique reference number and send it to your registered email (Be sure to register all correct details).

Once payment is done, You have up to 180 days purchase protection against the merchant in case they don’t deliver their services correctly. Purchase protection includes full refund or settlement of money from the merchant.

How? If you don’t receive your product, failure of the merchant to give you tracking information about your order, or you receive a damage items, You must open a dispute through PayPal resolution center against the Merchant. Follow the on screen instruction on dispute process and be specific to your complain.

PayPal resolution center will open a case against the merchant in-favor of you as the buyer. PayPal may hold the amount for quite sometime and release it in favor of the buyer if Merchant fails to communicate either directly to PayPal resolution center or directly to you as the buyer personally.

As a Buyer, It is very important not to delete all emails from PayPal until you receive the product you purchase online and you’re satisfied on it.

PayPal protects interest on both the Accounts of Shoppers (Buyers) and Merchant.

PayPal resolution center is bound to protect both the account of private shoppers (Buyers) and the account of merchants. Why? Example: Some online buyers are tricky. As soon as they order the product successfully from a merchant using PayPal, they open a dispute to PayPal resolution center against the merchant as early as 3 days! that’s really too soon for a dispute! The complain? They claimed they don’t receive their ordered products yet.

PayPal will take action to the merchant by sending automatic notification to the Merchant that dispute had been filed by the Buyer. The Merchant have 30 days to appeal by submission to PayPal resolution center details about shipping information. I.E Availability of Tracking number, screen shot confirmation that the products had been actually shipped and in transit.

One way is that, the Merchant should directly get in touch to the buyer, giving the tracking number details then asked the buyer to close the dispute from PayPal to protect their credibility as Merchants.

Once this is done, The amount held intended for the Merchant is released in favor of the merchant. It means, the product intended for the buyer had been shipped. For additional peace of mind, Buyers protection continues until the items had been physically received with full satisfaction of the buyer. 

The advantage of the buyer once dispute case was opened Is that, if Merchant failed to appeal to PayPal or get in touch directly to the buyer within 30 days allocated time and no settlement been made, PayPal will refund the amount into account of buyer’s favor, plus the ordered product was already shipped for delivery into Buyer’s delivery address.

This should be avoided to achieve the online purchase experienced more trustworthy. In order to make the online purchase successful and trustworthy bound transaction, Both Buyer and Merchant should develop a mutual trust on each online transaction. Since logistic company sometime fail to update tracking information on time, Buyer should exercise patience until the availability of this information. 

PayPal is a secure payment option. Its only a matter of your will to complete the checkout. That's why we choose PayPal. 

Make your first online purchase using PayPal Express Checkout without hesitation. Be our guest! We promise money back guarantee if we fail to supply buyers tracking information on time (allow us 3 to 7 days). If we fail to deliver the product on a reasonable time. We promise maximum buyers purchase protection is 59 days. It can be extended as long as tracking information is accurately updated on whereabouts of the package.

Delivery time frame may vary depending on the country of destination. It is important to know your local customs regulation. limit of imported goods with applicable taxes. Free shipping delivery uses local postal services. USPS if shipping to United States and Canada. For more details Contact us at, and or before you open a PayPal resolution center dispute. Allow us 24 hours to address your concern and settle it for a better arrangement. Visit us at Delivery shipping information, Return Policy applies.

Above information were base on my personal  experience as an online shopper and now a merchant. That’s why we choose PayPal Payment Option other than any Payment option available online.

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