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Products Delivery in the Philippines


Products Delivery

Almost of the products that are subject to be delivered in the philippines are being undelivered to the addrssee directly. But 99.99% that all orderes are being processed and infact delivered through Philippines post office only, They don’t deliver to your door step.

All Filipino addressed customers needed to visit the custom post office to pick up the parcel. As long as it will not exceed the 10,000 pesos limit. It is tax free. You only need to pay for the parcel release fee approx 100 pesos. 

From the day you initiate checkout it take max 30 to 59 days before it arrives to the custom post office. Please bear with this news before committing to buy all items. Money back guarantee if you don’t receive your orders in 59 days, Online Gmall will process the refund in favor of the customers..

Please see us at for more details of refund, Delivery Policy, and FAQ’s. 

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