The Best Car OBD Diagnostic Scan Tool news

The Best Car OBD Diagnostic Scan Tool

Car OBD Diagnostic Scanner

Why are OBD Diagnostic Tool for Cars Important?

Diagnostic scanner serve a very useful role in analyzing DTC’s or Data Trouble codes. Having a reliable diagnostic scan tool is very important to every car owners who have interest in DIY repairs and troubleshooting. I once managed 2 diesel engine passenger cars for almost a decade. I drive a Hyundai Grand Starex Van CRDI diesel engine. I didn’t know more about cars, Not much knowledge on how to check car engines. How to troubleshoot defects? I just brought them to mechanic only when trouble was already severe and status are going to break down! I should have been avoided a very cozy rebuild or General overhaul.

How did a car diagnostic tools change my point of view?

All started when I bought my first basic type OBD diagnostic scan tool. All my personal experienced and supervision to every engine overhaul done to all my passenger cars turns out into a real knowledge and theories how an engine run. Accompanied by online researches collecting previous experiences, trouble shooting done by expert mechanic and shared their experiences online. My point of view gradually changed.

Own an OBD 2nd generation Diagnostic Scanner or Analyzer Tool 

Having a professional diagnostic tool as trouble analyzer is a relief to every car owner out there. I find it more economical to everyone especially for those who own more than two cars. You don’t need to go to a car diagnostic center anymore just to locate and pinpoint your car check engine light source. OBD diagnostic scan tool do it all just like a smartphone that needs a user, that’s what OBD2 diagnostic scan tool are all about. Once code is analyzed, You can now buy the spare parts you need and have them replace by a trusted mechanic or you can do it by your self. Car OBD scan tool can be use anytime, One functionality’s that OBd Diagnostic tool impress me much is that even during one complete driving cycle, you can perform on board monitor test. But never do it alone!

The Second Generation On Board Diagnostic or OBD2 tool

For newer car, this is really the best opportunity to have your own personal OBD2 diagnostic tool, It is also the best time to do the initial test as all datas are still close to manufacturer’s parameters setting and save it for later comparisons. Now a days, OBD2 diagnostic tool is one of the most considered and reliable DTC reader especially for modern cars. It is use by most professional mechanics and car automotive centers. I personally used it for my own cars aside from the official maintenance schedule. 

What Car Models Does OBD2 Diagnostic tool works?

OBDii (On Board Diagnostic Second Generation) works on any OBD2 compliant cars from year model 1996 and latest. Get your personal OBDii diagnostic tools scanner now at best prices. Click HERE to see for more available models of OBD2 diagnostic tools online. Select your preferred OBD models base on your needs and budget. A simple knowledge isn’t always the best for a good start but its better be have than nothing at all.

How to locate your Car’s OBDii connection? 

OBD2 ports is located underneath your car dashboard. You can find it near the steering wheel base over the brake pedal of your car driver’s side. It has 16 pins DLC (Data Link Connector) ports that is compatible for most Asian, some on American and European car models. The 14 pins are for BMW. Make sure that you’ll see the 16 pins ports before you commit to have one.

How Does an OBD diagnostic scanner tools works?

In modern cars, trouble codes are stored in Engine Computer Unit or Electronic Control Unit (ECU). When some of the vital parts that are monitored by electronic sensors fails or reading become out of its normal range, these sensor feed it into engine computer system and same will trigger a warning light from your car cluster by turning on the Check Engine Lights or MIL Malfunction Indicator Light.

Let the OBD diagnostic tool do the all scan. On this OBD2 model, You don’t need to browse and search detected code from the internet. Its all included there. Just click on the DTC look up and there! OBDii Scan tool can give you more detailed information on possible parts to replace.

How to scan your Car using OBD2 diagnostic tools?

Scanning has never been easier. There are 2 ways to scan your car using the reliable OBD diagnostic tool. Best is to connect and disconnect the OBD scanner when engine is off. When OBD is connected to Car DLC Data Link Connector ports, choose either one of the following:

KOEO - Key On Engine Off or KOER - Key On Engine Running

Then follow the on board testing procedures. OBD2 Diagnostic tools & DTC readers comes with a very detailed instruction manual including online updates. The perfect user friendly Car tools for every Car owners and Car enthusiasts. Interested? Click HERE

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