The Car DVR Full HD Camera news

The Car DVR Full HD Camera


The DVR Camera bought recently by a new customer from Honduras.

Me and my colleague were just talking about his newly bought car. He was asking what gadgets he should buy to make his car ready for any road trip?

I suggested him some products that can be buy online. To make sure that each trip is being recorded, He should buy one good quality and HD Camera recorder installed on his car dash. If he is planning for a long road trip, he must also have this important Emergency tools. Tire infalators or portable air compressor plus the Digital tire pressure gauge. Being ready at all times before and during a long drive is highly recommended.

It does not mean that when a car is brand new, It is absolutely free from any issue? No! In fact that's should be the best time to be equipped and ready for unexpected troubles that you may encounter during your trip! Having these heavy duty but portable tools under your trunk will make you feel more comfortable and have a worry free driving experience.

As we were in the middle of good chat. Something popped up in my mobile that Car DVR camera has been bought by someone from Honduras. It's a customer's good choice of thinking for a road safety. This Full HD recorder will help facilitate police investigation if minor & unavoidable accidents happened. Just make sure that the SD card is properly formatted through the DVR gadget itself. Format the SD card before you start recording right after the installation.

Thanks to the new member of Online Gmall.

Reviewing how did he find out the DVR Camera, It's from google search. I have limited Adwords ads running up to that time. I wish he will be giving his product review once he receive the Camera.

As we chatted continuously, I mentioned him that in order for him to make the long trip fresher, He might want to consider adding his budget for an air freshener. A unique designed car air humidifier. It comes with 2 USB slots for easy charging driver's smartphones.

A lot more to offer and save more on gadgets!

What else? I asked him if He is familiar with windshield display or Head up display? He asked. I explained him What's all about with that display? It's an additional safety features to a safer driving performance. If you're a driving a car in a highway and you are speeding a 100 km an hour and you are avoiding to go beyond that limit? You usually tend to bow your head and check your speedometer keeping away your eyes on the road! By Doing this around other speeding cars seems a little bit unsafe. Buy a windshield or head up display, your eyes are steadily focused on the road. This display is giving useful informations of your real time Speed, RPM, Battery voltage, and Water temperature right in front of your Head directly to your car windshield. Does it sound safer? Add all that too and you are ready to go.

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