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Glow in the dark watch looks more elicit, It creates delightful pride to the wearer. The only watch that glow in the dark at all time is the tritium gas tube illumination. It is originally developed by the Swiss company MB Microtec. They make the brand name Traser watches (one of my watch). Tritium gas is radioactive, but not harmful in the form of a tiny tube found in any tritium watches. The difference between a tritium luminescent and the commonly use paint luminescent is as follows. The paint luminescent is brighter but it won’t last longer, It takes only some hours before it goes dimmer until it totally fades. It needs exposure to bright light before it glow again. While the tritium Gas glows in the dark steadily and consistently. Tritium life span will last about 24 years before it needs replacement.

Tritium watches may look less brighter than any other commonly use paint luminescent when full charge but it will become brighter when exposed in the dark after a couple of hours until daylight. Tritium watch best use during darkness, It glows only in the dark areas even in a box. Some brand of watches uses many colors like green and sometimes with orange lumen. Tritium often uses the green and blue colors.

Traser H3 blue infinity uses tritium blue lumen. Traser is a unique brand owned by MB Microtec. A Swiss company that produced and supplies to watch industry their tiny gas tubes that contain Tritium gas or Triga light.

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Some brand of watch that use tritium gas tube for luminescent is the Carnival Brand. Here are some specification of their tritium watch for Men. A 39mm diameter dial, Quartz movement, Auto date and water resistant watch. Stainless Steel band with a length of 22cm. It comes with a leatherette box on delivery. Tritium Gas is also known as Gaseous tritium light source or GTLS. It s a natural hydrogen atom with atomic weight of 0.3 or H3. It is sealed completely in glass tube painted with phosphorescent  If it combined with tritium (H3) It creates a reaction that produce luminescent especially in the dark. It is design to glow in the dark continuously. Buy your first tritium watch and experience the unending glow in the dark watch. Free shipping for all orders online.

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