Online GMall is an Internet retailer of personally  selected quality standard products from China suppliers. Our products came directly from China. We are new to E-Commerce adventure, promising a trustworthy Online shop and provide customers our best endeavor up to their full satisfaction. I’m still an active sailor when I started this online shop business. I became a Ship's Captain early of 2013. It takes 20 years to reach my goal. Its all about my ambition and goal to become a Captain. It's a late achievement but i did it anyway. I am still active and work on board up to this time working on contract of 7 months on and 4 months off.

Why Internet retailing? It's passion. While having an online store to manage. I am learning too. Time as a seafarer is not getting any longer. Traditional business needs physical attention and personal management. I don't have that much time to start a business. It all begin whenever I am in vacation, I do part time selling online locally. I sold old stuffs that still in good shape. I posted it, meet up, do the installs and get paid. Bond with my family. Go out of town adventures and as a family we love beach.

As I have interest in selling online anyway. I realized that if can sell second hand and old stuff, I can certainly sell brand new and good quality products beside I selected it personally. While I am on my way on stop sailing and getting closer to be with my family for good. my second goal is to establish a legitimate and well developed online shop. The Online GMall click here. Where in the sea why I picked this name? I worked everywhere around the globe. I crossed the Atlantic, land fall in the Americas, North, Central and South including the Caribbean. Now I am here in Mediterranean sea trading Black sea and the North Sea. The business is Online, G stands for Global because my goal is to sell products Globally. So that's where Online GMall came from. 

It's our primary website. I came to realize that maybe one of my three kids might fall and get interest in online selling someday. I started engaging my eldest to share our shop to her social media. Online Shopping and selling is now and the future. Here below are our details where to contact us at Online GMall.

Primary contact: Email:, Secondary contacts: Number: +639053110678 whenever I am in vacation at home. Finally, This photo was taken during our first church wedding with my Ex Girlfriend and now my wife. After all these years.